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Net-Zero Building with Nudura ICFs

Building to net-zero standards with ICFs will achieve energy-saving and environmental sustainability goals for architects, engineers, and owners

An ICF building has continuous exterior and interior insulation from the footing to all levels above grade, which minimizes thermal bridging and creates an energy-efficient building envelope. In combination with other sustainable building materials and renewable energy sources, Nudura ICFs aid net-zero, also known as zero-energy, initiatives, where buildings produce as much energy as they consume during a year. Taken a step further, a net-positive building can produce more energy than it consumes.
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Build Beyond Net-Zero with Nudura ICFs

With sustainable design at the core of insulated concrete form construction, energy savings are built into your ICF structure.

See how the Howland Green Business Center used Nudura ICFs to become the first net-positive office building in Canada.
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Benefits of ICFs and Net Zero

  • Thermal Resistance
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Lessens HVAC load and ongoing maintenance
  • Operational cost savings
  • Labor-savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact
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Get Smart: Net-Zero Schools

While any structure type can utilize ICFs to achieve these net-energy goals, schools frequently seek net-zero status due to the high heating and cooling costs associated with traditional wood-frame, steel-frame, or CMU construction. The money saved from ICF construction can be reallocated to directly serve students or the community at large.

How Nudura ICFs Contribute to Energy Savings

Nudura's standard ICFs offer a prescriptive R-Value of 24 with an effective thermal resistance (incorporating the thermal mass properties) of up to R-50. These insulation values are superior to traditional cavity walls of wood framing and help stabilize the interior temperature.

What does this sustainability look like when utilizing the range of Nudura's ICF products?

1. Nudura Standard Form

Nudura Standard Forms are 8' (96") in length, the largest standard block in the industry. Nudura's forms consist of two stay-in-place panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) connected with our patented innovative hinged folding web.

2. Nudura 90° Form

The 90° form is fully reversible, eliminating the need for different right and left corners. Nudura also offers a 45° form, a radius, a taper top and all of the accessories needed to ensure the envelope of any structure can be built with Nudura.

3. Nudura Optimizer

With the Optimizer form it is easy to optimize the height of any wall. Designed to be used as a height adjuster at the top of the wall, the Optimizer allows the installer the ability to hit 17 different stack heights from 4’ (1220 mm) to 12’ (3600 mm).

4. Nudura One Series

The One Series is ideal for elevator shafts, stairwells and other areas that require non-combustible material.

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