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HOMEGA ICF Basement Walls & Ceiling Insulation

HOMEGA® is easy-to-use insulation for insulating basement walls, interior or exterior block walls, and can be used for residential ceiling applications. Installation is fast and effortless, compared to conventional multi-step finishing methods.

HOMEGA" is a 4' x 8' (1219mm x 2438mm) individually molded insulation panel with three integrated furring strips at 16" (406mm) apart centre and shiplapped on all 4 sides. It is a unique 2-in-1 system offering superior performance. It can be used to insulate foundation walls and floors, interior and exterior walls and ceilings. The panel comes in thicknesses of 2 5/8" (67mm), 3 1/2" (89mm) and 3 7/8" (98mm), allowing you to reach an R value of R-10 (RSI 1.76, U-value 0.57) to R-15 (RSI 2.64, U-value 0.38).

For basement insulation,  install the boards using mechanical  anchors. In places where the panels overlap and need to be cut; seal the space with Nudura low-expansion spray foam. Install drywall directly to the insulation board's furring strips. For floor insulation, glue the panel with a solvent-free glue to prevent movement (optional). Cross the plywood joints with HOMEGA insulation board's joints and screw at 12" (305mm) intervals over the length of the furring strips. Finally, apply the selected finishing material.



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Permanent insulation value
  • 2-in-1 product: insulates concrete slab and supports pipes
  • Energy Savings: reduced heating bills


  • 100% recyclable
  • No CFCs or HCFCs
  • Inorganic and rot-proof materials
  • resistant to water and moisture that can cause mildew
  • Qualifies as low emitting materials**

Insulation Advantages

  • Molded panel: superior physical properties
  • Flexibility to cut any shape or size
  • Better deal: shiplapped on all sides
  • Increased comfort as a result of uniform temperature
  • Interlocking air tight design
  • Available with wood or plastic furring strips


**Conforms to LEED 4.1 CPDH testing standards


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