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ICFs for Homeowners

ICFs for Homeowners

Scott Tomko built his dream home in Thornton, CO with ICFs for better energy efficiency, durability, and comfort. Discover ICF benefits!

Your dream home should be beautiful, safe and comfortable. With insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, your house can be all that plus environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and resistant to natural disasters. Building an ICF home, compared to wood-framing, offers increased durability, low maintenance and peace of mind that your house will last for generations.

The ICF Advantage: Safety, Comfort and Sustainability

Nudura insulated concrete forms are composed of two interconnected panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, stacked and steel-reinforced, then filled with concrete to create structurally solid walls with a continuous interior and exterior insulation.

ICFs enable the construction of aesthetically pleasing, highly energy-efficient homes, reducing energy consumption for substantial monthly cost savings. Additionally, Nudura ICFs facilitate quicker construction and require less maintenance, yielding a durable, disaster-resistant home.

The Bluffs Residence in Pismo Beach, California during and after construction with Nudura ICFs.
Photo courtesy of ES Custom Homes.

How Does ICF Stack Up Against Traditional Wood Framing?

Nudura ICFs excel in resisting fire, wind and moisture damage, securing your home against external threats. Unlike wood, ICFs remain unscathed over time, free from mold, rot and decay. This translates into minimal maintenance and a home that retains its allure and resilience for years to come.

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Lower Energy Bills

Nudura ICF homes slash heating and cooling expenses by up to 60%* thanks to continuous insulation that cuts thermal bridging and energy use.

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Lasting Durability

Nudura ICF walls provide up to 4-hour fire protection, resist winds up to 250 mph and are impact-resistant against flying debris.

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Nudura ICF homes offer better air quality, reduce mold risk and provide soundproofing that dampens outside noise.

*Information provided by the ICFMA data report.

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