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LEED Information | Commercial Program

Nudura acknowledges that while only PROJECTS (not building materials) qualify for certification by LEED, designers should be made aware that as a building envelope material, specifying the Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms for green building can provide potential contributions to various credit categories within the following LEED Green Building Rating Systems:

USA Green building C USGBC LEED® 2009 For New Construction and Major Renovation

Canadian Green Building C CaGBC LEED® NC-Canada 1.0 (Gold Indicates Canada only)



Category Assessment or Code Element Name Credit Designation Possible Points in Category
EA Energy & Atmosphere    
Optimize Energy Performance (NC Canada 1.0) Credit 1 10
Optimize Energy Performance   Credit 1 19
improve between 12 & 48%    
MR Materials & Resources    
Construction Waste Management - Divert 50% Credit 3  
Recycle or Salvage 50%    1
Recycle or Salvage 75%   2
Recycled Content Credit 4  
10% USA/7.5% CAN (total - post consumer + 1/2 post industrial    1
20% USA/ 15% CAN (total -post consumer + 1/2 post industrial    2
Regional Materials Credit 5  
10% Extract/ Manuf. within 500 mi.(800 km) of site   1
20% Extract/ Manuf. within 500 mi.(800 km) of site   2
Durable Building (NC Canada 1.0)   Credit 8 1
EQ Indoor Environmental Air Quality    
Thermal Comfort - Design​ Credit 7.1 1

Reducing energy is the key factor in achieving the reduced carbon emission targets, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms can help reduce energy, providing users with a building that is energy-efficient and healthier to live or work in. Insulated Concrete Forms from Nudura provide technologies that provide the opportunity for greater point accumulation compared to other insulated concrete form systems. The Nudura Insulated Concrete Form system provides benefits and features that no other insulated concrete form company can provide.

LEED Credit Reference Guide & Calculator

Specifying the Nudura® Wall System can provide contributions to various credit categories within the following LEED® Green Building Rating Systems.

Continuing Education

Nudura offers an Insulated Concrete Forms course in an easy to use online setting that allows Architects and design professionals to earn Continuing Education credits 24 hours a day.


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