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Weather-Resistant Barrier with Nudura ICF

The EnviroDri® Weather-Resistant Barrier (WRB) System delivers superior air infiltration performance, as measured in air changes per hour, versus house wraps. Applying the EnviroDri WRB System on top of Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), although not always required, gives the homeowner a piece of mind by providing an additional layer of protection in the face of volatile weather conditions.

When applied on top of the ICF the EnviroDri Field Membrane adds an additional layer of protection on the wall from liquid moisture such as rain, sleet and snow.

Features & Benefits

  • No need for mechanical fasteners
  • Continuous layer of protections without interruption
  • Not affected by the surfacants that can diminish the performance of wraps
  • Permanently attached from the moment of application
  • Can be sprayed or roller applied on to the ICF


Dymonic® 100 is a high-performance, high-movement, single-component, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV-stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant.

Features & Benefits

  • Primerless Adhesion
  • Single-lift application without mesh, laps, or seams
  • Fast, UV Stable cure
  • Highly compatible with Enviro-Dri and insulated concrete forms

The horizontal and vertical joints of the Nudura ICFs can easily be sealed by using Enviro-Dri Joint Fabric and then fully coated and saturated with the Enviro-Dri Field Membrane.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use 
  • Seamless Application

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