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Why choose Nudura - ICF Building Benefits


With rising energy requirements and fuel costs, we need to make the most of the building technology that’s available to heat and cool our homes, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other buildings. Nudura ICFs are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than wood, both during the construction phase and over the long term. Learn more about the benefits of choosing our ICFs over wood:

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Nudura ICFs provide superior insulation, which significantly reduces the energy required to heat and cool the home.

INCONSISTENT. Wood-framed homes are drafty and not airtight, meaning the energy performance within the home will be inconsistent.

COST EFFECTIVE. Nudura ICFs greatly reduce the cost required to heat and cool the home, resulting in up to 60% savings in the homeowner’s annual utility costs.

ELEVATED COSTS. Due to the higher energy output needed to heat and cool a home with wood framing, utility costs are substantially increased.

ECO-FRIENDLY. Nudura's webs are made from 100% recycled polypropylene, reducing waste and the house’s carbon footprint.

WASTEFUL. Wood framing contributes to global deforestation and greatly increases the house’s carbon emissions.


Nudura ICFs offer a variety of superior benefits when building a structure. Nudura ICFs consist of two panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that are 2 5/8” (67 mm) in thickness and connected together with our web system that is made of 100% recycled material. Nudura ICFs are stacked, steel reinforced and filled with concrete, which completes the building envelope of your structure in one building step.

Nudura ICFs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of building requirements and designs. Nudura also offers additional accessories, barrier solutions, cladding solutions, window bucking options and more to complete the building process, allowing you to not have to source additional materials to complete your job. View our product line by clicking here.


Nudura has an extensive Authorized Distributor network worldwide that can provide you with assistance from concept to completion of installation with a Nudura Trained Installer. Nudura prides itself on providing you the best support from strong, reputable businesses within your local geographic areas to represent our products. Installing the Nudura Insulating Concrete Form - ICF system significantly reduces labor and transportation costs on typical installations. Nudura ICFs are easily handled, stored, and installed.


Having six wall elements in one product eliminates costly building steps, and allows the building project to be constructed faster and more efficiently. Click here to learn more! 

Nudura ICF 6 in 1 building steps

Installation Manual

Nudura offers our full installation manual as a downloadable PDF to make it easy for you to make quick references when you dont have a printed manual handy.

Testing & Code Approvals

Nudura Products when installed per Code requirements, have been designed, tested and approved to comply or exceed minimum compliance benchmarks set by Codes Standards.


We’re committed to supporting homeowners and design professionals who are interested in or use our products. We’re always happy to help and provide more information.