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ICF Swimming Pools

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are used for much more than building an energy efficient dream home! In-ground and above-ground swimming pools are a common and growing application where ICF construction improves both the building process and the finished product.
aerial view of hexagon icf pool

Nudura ICFs provide continuous insulation to conserve energy and reduce the cost of heating your pool. Combined with the strength and longevity of ICF construction, your pool will require less maintenance for long-term cost-savings and increased ROI. 

In terms of pool design, ICF swimming pools can be custom-made to virtually any shape and size. Envision curved concrete walls with modern water features and amenities for a dream outdoor oasis. Building a pool is easy with ICFs. 

Benefits of an ICF Pool

  • Energy-efficient pool construction
  • Superior pool durability
  • Speed of installation
  • Build a pool any time of the year
  • Suitable for custom designed pools
  • No heavy construction equipment needed for delivery, lifting, cutting or installing ICF blocks

Nudura ICF Pools

How to Build an ICF Pool

A custom ICF pool from Nudura can be yours in less time and for less money than you might think. Download our ICF Pool Booklet to learn more about building an ICF swimming pool.

ICFs for Residential Construction

See all the benefits of building a home with insulated concrete forms, from energy savings to sound dampening to indoor air quality and more.


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