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Tomko Residence- Colorado, USA

In Thornton, Colorado, homeowner, Scott Tomko, opted to construct his house with Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) over traditional construction methods. The reasons? Simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and a strong desire for autonomy to build the home at his own pace. The ICFs proved user-friendly, enabling Tomko to take on the project himself with support along the way from Nudura and distributor, Rocky Mountain ICF.

Tomko’s daughter, a resident of the house, experienced first-hand the benefits of ICF construction. She highlighted the significant reduction in outside noise, creating a peaceful living environment. Moreover, the impressive thermal insulation of the ICF walls ensured a warm winter and a cool summer inside the home.

Apart from the insulation and soundproofing, the process of constructing the house itself provided a sense of accomplishment. Tomko recommends Nudura ICFs to other aspiring homeowners, touting that when working with Nudura, you don't just get a sustainable product, but an entire team to help you in the building journey.


Location: Thorton, CO

Project Size: 3200 sq ft

ICF Installation Time: 8 weeks

Completion date: May 2023



Architect:  John Freeman Loveland Colorado

Distributor: Rocky Mountain ICF

General Contractor and ICF Installer: Scott Tomko


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