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Laughner Residence- Colorado, USA

This cabin-style home in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado had a small window for construction due to their short summers, which required their building materials to be accessible and deployed quickly. The homeowner, Jack Laughner, a retired contractor, wanted to build the home himself, so he also needed products with minimal learning curve.

He researched the competitors and opted for Nudura insulated concrete forms due to their size and folding features which eased shipping into this more remote region. The ICFs were easy to assemble and Laughner said that "snapping together large sections at a time was really advantageous." The whole process was streamlined with Nudura's technical staff and online resources, such as thorough details, step-by-step instructions and how-to videos.

Laughner was also concerned about his home's energy usage and was pleased with how the ICFs -met the area's strict energy code requirements in one step without the need for additional insulation or furring. The built-in continuous insulation on the exterior and interior of the structure increased energy efficiency and doubled as soundproofing. The flexibility of Nudura ICFs was also advantageous in meeting the challenging grade requirements, thanks to the diverse heights of blocks offered.

In the end, the homeowner found that the ease of use, versatility and personal support working with Nudura were invaluable in creating their dream home.



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