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Kentucky Farmhouse- Louisville, Kentucky, USA

In 2021, the Roach family began the process of planning their custom home in Louisville, Kentucky. Their builder introduced them to insulated concrete forms (ICFs) as a construction alternative to the soaring prices of lumber for wood-framing. After further research, they agreed to give it a try and built their 2,000 square foot home with Nudura ICFs.

They were attracted to the house plan because of the covered porches and open floor plan. A private upstairs area for their son added to the allure. With ICF's design flexibility, they got the layout they wanted and their desired farmhouse aesthetic.

Their home also boasts significant energy savings thanks to the continuous insulation and thermal mass of ICF systems. The Roach family reported a $100 reduction in their monthly electric bills.

The built-in sound dampening was another benefit. Their son is a musician, and he is able to play instruments upstairs without disrupting those in other rooms of the house. Tracey Roach was impressed. "It's definitely soundproof...He's always got his stuff going on up there, and we can't hear it."

Another draw of ICF construction for this Kentucky home was its wind resistance and resiliency to tornadoes. The durability of ICFs has put the Roach family at ease that even with the region's history of bad weather, they will be safe and secure.

The homeowner's satisfaction with the safety, energy efficiency, and comfort of their ICF home illustrate the advantages of ICF construction. Upon reflecting on their home building journey, Roach highly recommends insulated concrete forms and said, "I wouldn't go back to a wood frame home."


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