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Erlebach Residence- Colorado, USA

In this idyllic spot in Silverthorne, Colorado, the Erlebach family sought to create a dream home that marries functionality with comfort. Through their collaboration with the architect, they were able to create a durable, sound-proof home out of Nudura ICF blocks and concrete that captured their desired modern aesthetic combined with Israeli pillars.

The materials of choice - concrete, stone, glass, and steel - would not only shape their home but also enhance their living experience.

Nestled close to the national forest, they aimed to create a sanctuary with a focus on sound reduction and insulation. They found their solution in insulated concrete forms. Yet, despite the proximity to a fire-prone environment, the home remained unscathed during a nearby wildfire, a testament to the resilience and safety of the ICF walls.

This ICF home stands as an testament to how bold decisions, a desire to be one with nature, and innovative building materials can manifest in a resilient and beautiful living space.



Location: Silverthorne, CO

Project Size: 4400 sq ft

ICF Installation Time: 4 months

Completion date: March 2022



Distributor: Rocky Mountain ICF

General Contractor: Barbora Hulikova Erlebach

ICF Installer: John Tenney


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