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SookePoint Cottage Resort - Victoria, BC, Canada

icf builder award winner

2020 ICF Builder Award - Multi-Family Winner

Built on Clifftop, Yards from Surf. Three floors per Building. Cost Comparable to Wood Frame. 

  • Helix micro-rebar was added to the deck concrete mix
  • Triplex ICF buildings are constructed vertically
  • 8’ ICF blocks helped with proper alignment and speed
  • 8’ Nudura ICF also used for an engineered header over 20’ sliding glass walls
  • Significant care to protect the oceanfront environment
  • ICF up 3 floors to the roof in each building, with full-span steel and concrete floors and concrete cantilevered decks. Inset in the sea cliff so top floor is at grade
  • Remote location, on the extreme SW Tip of Canada
  • On an ancient volcanic peninsula, 84% surrounded by the Salish Sea
  • ICF eliminated risk of wood getting soaked during construction
  • Yacht-style floating concrete prow decks were made on-site by extending rebar and wire mesh thru 5” concrete floors from full-span steel floors onto drain sloped wood frames supported by vertical steel posts
  • ICF walls strapped with 1/8th inch metal strips to facilitate exterior siding installation

Project Stats

Location: Sooke, Greater Victoria, BC, Canada
Type: Multi-Family
Size: 40,292 Sq. Ft.
ICF Use: 16,600 Sq. Ft. / 4 units
Cost: $5,053,768
Total Construction: 50 Weeks
ICF Installation Time: 60 Working Days / 4 Triplex

Construction Team

Owner: Landus Development Group Inc.
General Contractor:
Landus Development Group Inc.
ICF Installer:
Landus Development Group Inc.
ICF Supplier: Vancouver ICF

  • Project Profile PDF


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