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October 21, 2021
Creating Custom Designs with ICFs

Construction materials should never stand in the way of design versatility. New-build construction projects are perfect opportunities for architects and engineers to flex their creative muscles, whether for commercial or residential applications, building materials should be adaptable enough to accommodate any design professional’s vision.

Nudura ICFs for exterior wall construction offer maximum design flexibility with interlocking forms that can be custom cut to the shape or radius you specify and are ideal for single or multi-story projects with tall, retaining, or load-bearing walls.

Not only do our ICFs enable artistic freedom when designing homes, hotels, schools, and more, but they also offer a host of other benefits.

LEED Compatibility

Consumer demand for net-zero and sustainable structures is continually increasing, which means design professionals need to make sure their projects qualify for green certification programs, like LEED. While only projects (not building materials) qualify for certification by LEED, specifying Nudura ICFs for green building can contribute to several credit categories within the LEED green-building rating systems. Take a look at this LEED Platinum Certified building built using Nudura ICFs to learn more.

Exterior Finish Options

Creating a strong first impression is key with any home or building, and this often comes down to the exterior finish. Fortunately, ICFs are quite versatile, allowing for designers and their clients to choose virtually any style. A variety of finishing materials, such as stucco, brick or stone, and wood, can be directly applied to the exterior of an ICF. Read this blog post to learn more about incorporating exterior finishes with ICF walls. 

Healthy Materials

As we spend more time inside and understand the importance of indoor air quality, consumers want to know exactly what chemicals, substances, and products may be present in their home or office. Design professionals who build with Nudura ICFs can give their clients peace of mind knowing that we outline every component in our concrete forms and participate in a third-party materials declaration program.

Known as the “nutrition label for products,” the Declare label program is a transparency platform and product database that helps builders find healthy products for their projects. All of the components in our ICFs are listed on their online database.

See what creative designs are possible with Nudura ICFs by checking out our project gallery.


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