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Thermal Study - ICF vs Wood

Why build with anything but insulated concrete form wall system when the studies show they are 58% more energy efficient than that of a standard 2" x 6" wood framed wall system.


The Insulating Concrete Form Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) had CLEB Laboratories conduct a test on Thermal Performance of an Insulated Concrete Forms Wall Systems and a 2" x 6" Wood Frame Wall System, in accordance with test procedure ASTM C1363-11. The test report proves an Insulating Concrete Form wall can achieve up to 60% annual energy savings and 58% greater R-Value/RSI than a 2” x 6” Wood Frame Wall.

What does this mean for consumers? Consider two typical homes, each with 2,000 square feet of wall area – one constructed in wood frame to permitted code*, the other constructed using ICF technology and subjecting both to the same test condition. When incorporating the average kWH value for all North America, this study indicates that in many climate zones that during the most extreme cold conditions an ICF wall can save between $140 and $190 per month in equivalent electrical consumption when compared to a traditionally constructed wood frame wall.

Click here to learn more about the study conducted on behalf of the ICFMA and download the full report.

* Tested wood frame wall assembly meets the Canadian National Building Code for above-grade residential walls and the 2015 IRC in the USA for climate zones 1-5.


Testing & Code Approvals

Nudura Code Approvals. Nudura's product has been evaluated and verified to have demonstrated compliance with the following Evaluation Guidelines: USA- International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and International Building Codes.

Nudura vs. Wood

A Nudura structure provides Performance Values saving building owners up to 58% in annual energy costs.


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